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Before your visit please make sure you have filled out and returned all the intake forms to us.  If you have any questions please message us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Also, please note that all appointment times are based on our local time in Hilo, Hawaii.  To find out the local time click here.  

Preparation for your appointment


Before your initial consultation please gather together any medical records that you think might be relevant to the appointment.  This will help speed up the finalization of your initial treatment plan.  Initial visits are basically done in two parts- the initial portion is the information gathering phase, where we will go over your history, request any previous records that you do not have, and order any additional testing that is needed.  After I have all this information I will sit down and put together a treatment plan that I believe will be best for you based on our extensive conversation.  Part two will be emailed to you and consists of your recommended treatment outline, links to any important supplements, labs, imaging, or other recommendations.  


After your initial visit we will be dealing more with troubleshooting and fine-tuning as you advance.  Inevitably changes need to be made as your situation changes, lab testing will need to be reviewed, and regular check-ins will need to be done in order to maintain ensure optimal benefit in the beginning.  Ideally, I hope to get to the point with each patient where they check in once a year to tell me how well they continue to do.  


"I feel like I have been living in black and white and now I'm in technicolor!"  




"Dr Strong is incredible.  She has a wonderful caring energy and is dedicated to your health.  Her knowledge is unmatched by most doctors.  Treatments are effective and powerful.  Dr Sarah is a healer!" 







"Sarah is one of the most thorough & conscientious practitioners I have ever met.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health & well-being."






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